As the weather warms up, thoughts of getting away on a vacation are also heating up.

The big news is that European countries will open up this summer, when the EU announced that vaccinated travelers will be allowed to travel to Europe. Greece and Croatia have already opened up to tourists who can show proof of vaccination, or a recent negative Covid test. The U.K. has also started allowing tourists back in.

That said, TripAdvisor reported that 67% of Americans plan to travel this summer, and 74% of them will stay within the U.S. 

As of March 2021, Europe and Asia, as well as the Middle East, continue to see a significantly reduced percentage of U.S outbound international travel. However, Caribbean and Mexico are showing a spike due to international traveler’s desire to stay “closer to home.” 

People use these three reasons when selecting their travel destination this summer:

Distance from home

Some people will want to be closer to home in the event of any medical emergency. Therefore, Mexico and the Caribbean has been and will continue to be popular this summer. Hotels and resorts for these destinations are filling up fast, so if you are thinking about booking, now is the time!

Overseas Trips that were Postponed

Many people had to postpone their international travel over the last year, and they will use vouchers instead of refunds to rebook that travel. Europe will be popular, and even though a definite “open up” date has yet to be announced by the EU, people are already booking for later in the summer.

States “Open for Business”

Many Americans prefer to travel within the US. They will choose states that are “open for business” i.e. sightseeing, museums, sport events, concerts, attractions, etc. For example, Texas, California, Florida (Disney World opened on April 1st), Las Vegas, and other states with big name attractions. Many other states are also lifting mask mandates if you are vaccinated.

Price and Rates

People will choose a ‘worthy destination.’ What does that mean? Well, some destinations are far more dependent on tourism dollars than others. You can not only invest in you and your family’s well-being, but you can make a stark difference in a local economy by choosing a destination that needs you. 

Many are going so far as to pay you to come. If you want to look beyond the obvious Caribbean destinations, Drew Jones of the Washington Post highlights some of these opportunities in his May article on the destinations that need you the most, highlighting destinations like Las Vegas, Cyprus, and even Tokyo.

Since tourism, especially here in the U.S., is expected to grow substantially, now is the time to book that trip before hotels sell out. Car rental companies are already seeing massive demand and are selling out in many destinations. So book now!

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