We create custom Travel Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to travel with ease, comfort, beauty, peace of mind, energy, productivity, and success.


High powered frequent solo and group travelers who need to look and feel their best before, during, and after travel so that they can feel more empowered, productive, and successful while conducting business on the go.


Corporations who need a tailor-made travel wellness plan designed to get your most valuable assets back on the road to close sales and grow relationships without sacrificing their wellness, safety, or peace of mind.

Are you ready to travel and conduct business in the New Normal

Where Travel Meets Beauty and Where Beauty Meets Travel?

Hi, I’m Edyta Satchell.

For over 20 years, I have worked as an executive for huge travel corporations both in the US and Europe. I traveled the world for both business and leisure. I visited many countries in various continents, time zones, and during various seasons of the year.

You may wonder what this has to do with Wellness?

Well, this has been a very busy life. I have always been on the go. Meeting new people and networking, attending global conferences, and hosting numerous events began to take a toll on my beauty routine.

I have always taken good care of myself, and have frequented beauty stores and salons for services, advice, and products. I quickly discovered that unfortunately, useful advice that pertained to my skin, nutrition, health and wellness while traveling was always in short supply.

How many times did I travel and find that my make-up was “gone” after an hour: many! How many times did my oily skin become dry in the dry climate, leaving me without the right product to moisturize it: too many! How many times did I not wear any make up as I did not take the right products with me: too many to count!                                                                        

Travel plays a critical role in so many lives, but everyone’s path to travel is different. Whether you’re a business traveler, traveling with an illness like cancer, or providing care to a patient, you need a highly specialized program to ensure you’re able to be productive, relaxed and rejuvenated. From the boardroom to the spa, everyone needs guidance and resources to allow them to travel with ease in the New Normal. And that’s why I’ve dedicated myself to bringing these programs to you.

Programs I was frustrated and unhappy. I ended up changing beauty stores, estheticians, hairdressers and products, and even when I thought I found the right place, I still was not getting the help and advice I needed. I was never advised what product to use during the long-haul flights. Spending hours on a plane, one would think that taking proper care of my skin should be a priority, but not the beauticians or store owners I visited. After spending hundreds of dollars in beauty salons and stores, I still was not advised on what my beauty routine should have looked like during my busy traveling schedule.

We, frequent travelers, always want to look our best. Million-dollar contracts are negotiated and signed on planes. We meet new clients, work colleagues, friends, and even significant others on planes. It’s important for us to look our very best while on the go.

Coupling these needs with those of our New Normal, it was clear that we are all missing critical wellness, nutrition, and beauty information to keep us balanced, healthy, and feeling our best. This is why I began building a company that would provide all of those services and more to the millions of busy travelers out there feeling the uncertainty and anxiety of traveling in the New Normal. My hope is that our Where Travel Meets Beauty and Where Beauty Meets Travel Programs will instill a sense of peace, ease, comfort, confidence, and success in everyone who participates.


Yours in Wellness,


Satchelle Global Travel Wellness creates and manages custom Travel Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to travel with ease, beauty, peace of mind, energy, productivity, and success!

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