We redefine wellness with innovative, holistic Corporate Wellbeing programs

Creating environments for your staff to stay happy, healthy, and productive all year long!

Hi, I’m Edyta Satchell, Founder & CEO of Satchelle Global

I help forward-thinking corporations implement valuable new benefits to energize and incentivize their employees and executive team.


Satchelle Global serves corporations that need tailor-made employee wellbeing strategies in the areas of travel, career development, and emotional wellness. Our programs are designed to get your most valuable assets performing at their best and back on the road to close sales and grow relationships – without sacrificing their wellness, safety, or peace of mind.

Here’s why that matters

A new vanguard of HR, procurement, and business travel professionals are changing the game. They’re landing top talent who are seeking an employer that prioritizes all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

This means you have a chance to:

– Brand your organization as a desirable place to work

– Improve employee performance by leaps and bounds

– Grow your revenue all year long while retaining happy, health, and productive talent

I know this because…

I’m a seasoned business executive, coach, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and frequent traveler with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Before I launched Satchelle Global, I arrived in the US and worked my way up from the very bottom of the ladder. Just over a decade later, I was a Vice President – a renowned corporate travel executive working across the US and Europe. I perfected the art of landing positions that enriched my career and saw me travel the world. I know that feeling and doing our best hinges on staying healthy and balanced.  

Here’s what you can expect

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my corporate career, both as an executive manager and employee, and built robust wellbeing programs that you can roll out to get your workforce engaged and performing at their best, fast.

Having spent my entire career building and growing businesses in the travel industry – and traveling a lot – I am uniquely positioned to drive the wellbeing agenda at senior management level. From support with structuring a program to designing strategic communications around it, partnering with us will ensure the success of your new strategy.

Yours in Wellness,


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Satchelle Global Wellness creates and manages custom Corporate Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to keep their employee energized, productive, and successful all year long!