Become Your Own PR Manager

Is PR a mystery to you? Well, it was for me until I learned how to do it myself.

Have you been told that you need to issue press releases? So you did it and then what? Have you been offered PR services that cost thousands of dollars? YES? Same here! I was approached by PR firms multiple times with various PR management offers, that would potentially cost me thousands of dollars. Guess what, I didn’t take their offer and I do not regret it. Are you tempted to say yes to the PR management? If YES, that’s OK, but learn how it should be done before you hire someone.

I’ve appeared on TV 6 times in just 3 weeks. Do you wonder whether it is possible? YES, IT IS! I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!

So get started now by purchasing this $35 (Value of $5,000+) Become your own PR Manager Tool Kit, which will save you THOUSANDS of dollars!

Act Now To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Hiring A PR Firm For Just $35 (Value of Over $5,000!)

In this crash course you can expect fast results to get your started immediately:

  • Learn the WHAT
    • What is this PR buzz all about
    • What can YOU do to get started
    • What are your 3 key areas of focus to get your on TV and in the press faster
  • Learn the WHO
    • Who is who in the PR business
    • Who is the right person to pitch
  • Learn the HOW
    • How to get started from drafting your messaging to pitching
    • How to find the producers and journalists
    • How to get ready for the TV interview and the journalists phone call
  • Learn the WHERE
    • Where to find producers and journalist
    • Where are the places to look for PR opportunities
  • Learn the WHEN
    • When is the right time to pitch
    • When is the right time to follow up
  • Learn the WHY
    • Why you should pitch
    • Why producers and journalists need you
    • Why is messaging key to success

Hi! I’m Edyta!

It’s a must have tool kit that got me on TV multiple times and published in many publications.

Video Tutorial 1: Crash course on how to become your own PR Manager (Value of $2,500)

It may be the most important video training that you should ever take. It will save you thousands of dollars!

It’s not only that you will get a full spectrum of what the PR is all about and how to get started, but also your will get the real examples of messaging that is key to success.

You’ll learn the who, the what, the how, the where, the when, the why. It’s one of the most eye opening training you’ll ever take. 

Have you been told in the past that only experts can do it? With this course PR is no longer a mystery. It’s a full action taking course that will put you ahead of competition. If you ever desired to hire a PR manager, this course is a must so that you hire the right person who will get your on TV!

    Act Now And Save Thousands Of Dollars on Hiring A PR Firm                                 For Just $35! (VALUE OF $5,000+)

Video 2: You’ll Watch A Real FAQ Session And Get Answers To Your Toughest Questions! (Value of $1,500)

In this recorded session you’ll watch as Edyta shares every secret she used to land 6 TV appearances in 3 weeks. And if she did it, so can you! This may be the most important FAQ session you’ll ever watch.

It gets right to the point and lays out the specifics of the who, what, where, when, and why your pitch has to be composed a certain way and presented with perfection – with examples!

Bonus 1: The TWO real pitches examples that got me multiple TV appearances (Value of $350)

Now you know once you know how to start and what you  do. We are sharing the key, the essence, the gold here! You are getting access to pitches that got Edyta on TV very fast. TV producers responded to her 20 mins after she sent the pitch! Do you wonder what’s in the pitch, great, we would wonder too. These are must see pitch copy examples. AND YES, it is OK to copy and use it for you own pitches!!! We DO NOT get upset!

Bonus 2: The real media bio that got me multiple TV appearances (Value of $350)

Your own media bio is a must. Have you ever tried to write your own one but it never felt right? Have you spent hours to just draft your own short bio without success? Well, this Bonus is the right one for you! You will not only be able to see how Edyta did, but also write your own one by using Edyta’s example! We want you to have a strong, powerful, informative and brief bio that you can use not only in pitching but also in the any marketing materials that you create for yourself and your business.

Bonus 3: The real one sentence introduction that got me multiple TV appearances (Value of $350)

The One sentence introduction is the key element to any introduction you make in life, business meeting, networking, TV interviews and truly, whoever you talk to. They need to know how you are and you need to articulate it in a brief, concise way so that your listener does not fall asleep. YES, in just ONE SENTENCE! Edyta is sharing her real life One Sentence Introduction that got her booked and published multiple times! AND YES AGAIN, feel free to copy it and use! HAVE FUN!


Watch this video to learn how my clients are using this toolkit.

Until now, all I’ve been trained on is how to create a press release. But that never did me any good, because I had no idea what to do with it once it was written. Edyta’s course got right to the point and helped me understand exactly how to take it further by learning how to position, pitch, and present to get my information out there and visible. She showed me how she was able to get on the air to put real visibility on her expertise and put a spotlight on her brand. I love that she uses her own real-world examples that directly apply to what I’m trying to achieve.

Melita Martin Radtke

Travel Agency Owner, Cruise Planners

Grab Your Crash Course On How To Become Your Own PR Manager

I hope you do not need more convincing! Get your exclusive kit today and you’ll have access to everything I’ve learned and I’ve done myself. It works for me, it will work for you too! I say that the value is $5,000+, but when you think of it, it is really PRICELESS!