The Essential Travel Toolkit is Now Available to Consumers!

Alleviate the travel anxiety and enjoy a more productive trip with these must-have tools we use with even our most seasoned road warriors. This is the kit you've seen Edyta raving about on national TV for months - packed with more than $1000 worth of items!


This collection of must-have guides and tools will help you prepare for your trip, and journey confidently knowing you have the knowledge, and the tools you need to see the world safely and feeling your very best:


  • The Guide to Contamination Zones
  • Smart Packing Checklist
  • The Skin Type Finder
  • The Guide to Business Lounges

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Edyta Satchell
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Don’t Book Your Next Trip Without This Must-Have Toolkit!

As a frequent traveler both for business and leisure, I know how draining the pre-trip anxiety can be, as well as the hectic schedules, and now especially, fear of travel disruption or even falling ill. I’ve put my 20 years of experience as an avid traveler and my expertise as a wellness practitioner into this kit in the hopes you can enjoy the before, during and after. You’ll feel confident, prepared, and ready to either seal the deal or achieve true relaxation during your dream vacation.

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Every Essential Travel Tool Kit Includes:

Airport Lounge ROI Guide ($350 Value)


It's not about luxury or privilege - it's about access to a healthier environment. That includes food, showers, and the clean, quiet comfort people need to perform at their best. Investing in an airport lounge pass is one of the best ways to facilitate a healthier travel experience for everyone. You'll learn:

  • How to Better Understand the Numbers and Cost Benefits
  • Presenting the Benefits to Your Company to Get Buy-In
  • Making the Most of Your Airport Lounge Visit

Skin Type Finder ($350 Value)


Men and women: you start your transformation by using this simple yet powerful guide to determine your skin type. Your health and wellness routine depends on your trips destination. climates, time zones, seasons and more. Your skin type drives the necessary routines and products purchase, so it's important to have that information at the beginning of your journey!

  • Choose the RIGHT Products For Your Unique Skin (Wellness is Based on It!)
  • Learn Why Traveling to a New Climate and Environment Can Trigger Skin Changes
  • Get The Most From Nutritional and Allergy Info That Centers on Skin Type

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Guide on Contamination Zones ($350 Value)


You’ll have our best information at your fingertips to help you avoid the most commonly overlooked contamination zones throughout your trip, like:

  • Avoiding Germs On The Plane
  • Protecting Your Belongings from Exposure
  • Smart Sanitizing On The Go
  • List Of Common Contamination Zones to Avoid

Smart Packing Checklist ($350 Value)

Things have changed - and you need a new set of must-have items to have with you when you travel. We'll make sure that you're well prepared for every phase of your trip. You won't waste any more time stressing and feeling unprepared. Our checklist will make sure you have what you need, and when you need it, like:

• The ONE item you can't forget (It's NOT what you think!)

• What to put in your carry-on now

• What you should NOT bring on your next trip


Relieve Anxiety

You can’t truly enjoy your travel experience or perform at your best when you’re nervous and feeling unprepared to travel in the new normal. It’s our job to give you what you need to step forward with confidence!


Change Your Habits

Just a few small changes can make all the difference when it comes to your state of mind while traveling. We’ll show you the three biggest secrets you’re missing out on that could give you the confidence you need.


Change Your Life

Travel can be the key to job performance, family connection, and so many critical parts of a well balanced life. We’re about to show you how to make the most of the before, the during, and the after.


For a very limited time we’re offering select clients the opportunity to upgrade to our complete wellness package, The 10 Dimensions of Wellness normally sells for $30,000 to corporations every day – and for the first time we are offering it to individuals so you can experience total wellness for yourself!

This comprehensive program includes an enhanced level of one on one support, additional tools and guides, and the best possible platform to help you revolutionize your healthy habits before, during, and after you travel. It’s a whole-life solution you’ll love doing together, Including comprehensive guidance, tools, and programs to put your entire life in balance:

  • Physical Wellness and Care
  • Balance in Mindset and Learning
  • Career Goals and Roadmaps for Success
  • Caring For Your Mental Well-Being
  • Nutrition and Nourishment
  • Social Health and Communication
  • Financial Balance and Confidence
  • Travel Wellness
  • Beauty Regimens At Home and On The Road