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Jan 10th National Shop For Travel Day

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How to book your trips during pandemic

Boosting your health and well-being while traveling

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3 tips to overcome flight cancellations with a smile

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Planning for Travel Emergencies

Make your vacation stress-free with these travel tips

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How to maintain your health while traveling

Safe and smart traveling tips during the pandemic

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Travel Wellness: How can you build new client loyalty in a post-vaccine world

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3 Tips to innovate and triple your sales with the new definition of Travel Wellness

Bon Voyage: How beauty brands can redefine the future of Travel Wellness

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Whole-istic escapes: the what and where of wellness travel

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Ready, Set, Go: 4 ways to wisely spend your travel budget

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How to boost your immune system before, during, and after travel

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Companies are in need of Travel Wellness Programs

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Helping women find balance in all aspects of their lives

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Edyta Satchell America's Travel Wellness & Beauty Expert
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Veteran travel exec launches Satchelle Global Travel Wellness

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Strong Female Funders: Edyta on 5 leadership lessons on success and failure

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Health & Travel Expert Edyta on 5 things you need to know to thrive during and after a divorce

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Cancer health risks during travel

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Edyta on ARC’s Helix: Travel agent-friendly tool

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Edyta on ARC MarketPlace showing longer holiday trips