Our World Class Corporate Programs

It’s time to rethink how to develop and nurture your best asset – your employees.

Our programs are designed to educate, empower, and inspire your workforce.

Top talent are looking for employers that protect and prioritize their wellbeing, equip them with the information they need to make confident decisions and perform at their best and a company that they can grow with.

Career Futureproof Formula

                                                               Retain the right people in the right seat, at the right time, for the right pay! 

The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their managers. However, in many cases they also don’t see career progression and growth opportunities. Instead, they find themselves settling for less; money, responsibility, management opportunities, fun and exciting business travel, AND more stress, more overwhelm, more anxiety. 

This Corporate Career Development Program will empower employees to excel in your company. Through this program we will: 

  • Define their skills
  • Identify what they REALLY want from work
  • List what they bring to the table
  • Identify their 2-millimeter distinction
  • Get clear on what problems they solve

AND the RESULTS for your company are:

– Lower turnover = lowering their hiring expenses = increasing profit and revenue

– Higher morale = higher productivity = more efficiencies

– The right people in the right roles = people are enjoying their work = increased creativity = increased work satisfaction 

– Compelling employer brand = highly sought after employer = decreased talent acquisition cost 


Unshakable Career Mindset Foundation

                                                             80% of your corporation’s success is your employees’ Emotional Wellbeing!

Employees struggling personally will also flounder professionally! They become disengaged, grapple with priorities, and are less productive, which costs the company money. A strong emotional foundation is the key to raising the bar on individual performance.

By investing in your employee’s emotional wellness they will bring their A-game to work. Our program ensures your people are equipped to:

  • Recognize and eliminate their limiting beliefs
  • Manage stress using tactical coping techniques
  • Increase focus and clarity 
  • Make powerful decisions

      Corporate Travel Wellbeing Mastery 

      Travel Wellness is not about yoga retreats.

      It’s about minimizing anxiety before, during, and after the trip.

      It’s about preparation and protection through healthy habits, self-care, confidence, and balance, which brings out the best in your employees!

      Many employees and executives spend the majority of their time on the road. They want to feel safe and know their wellbeing is their company’s priority – before, during, and after travel.

      With this Program your top performers will travel safely in the new normal and your health insurance premiums will stabilize. Your duty of care as an employer extends throughout their trip. So, ensure they are primed to:

      • Stay healthy and avoid illness
      • Preserve their mental wellness
      • Remain energized and productive


          The results you can expect by working with Satchelle Global:

          • Lower turnover
          • Higher morale
          • Productivity gains
          • Better efficiencies
          • The right people in the right roles
          • A compelling employer brand
          • Ultimately, maximizing resources, saving on costs, increasing revenue!

          Satchelle Global Wellness creates and manages custom Corporate Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to keep their employee energized, productive, and successful all year long!