It’s Time to Rethink How You Develop and Nurture Your Best Assets:

Your Employees

Our Integrative Wellness programs are designed to educate, empower, and inspire your entire workforce in all dimensions.

Choose one program or select a bundle and we’ll happily bring our 10 dimensions wellness to you!

The 10 Dimensions Of Wellness 

The 10 Dimensions Of Wellness is an interactive, hybrid program that features online learning and in-person coaching sessions

Purchased individually or as one comprehensive wellness package, they are all designed to nurture empowered leaders that can deliver quantifiable business results

  •  BEAUTY & VITALITY – the insight out beauty and the level of energy and motivation your employees need by learning the secret to young looking skin and body, exploring non-traditional options to take care of their body, leveraging, leveraging “face mapping” to understand what works and what need special health and wellness routine, exploring the right superfoods to keep them feeling refreshed, energized, and always look their very best especially when they represent their employer. Beauty gives confidence. Confidence provides productivity. Productivity guarantees success!
  • PHYSICAL – having a strong, healthy body that can perform at its best is no longer sufficient. Your employees also need good quality sleep, annual medical checkups, and more. The key to their optimal performance at work is leveraging the 4 categories of physical activities, learning why exercise doesn’t always work and eliminating the blocks, exploring the 13 health numbers they must know, understanding the 6 pillars of physical wellness, and practicing the detoxification routine to lock in optimal health
  • EMOTIONAL – enhancing how employees see themselves and navigate every day life and work challenges by exploring the two states of being, eliminating their limiting beliefs that hold them back and stop their creativity, activating their nervous system to be resilient against stress, and the most proven ways to boost their brain’s health
  • CAREER – advancing employees to grow, develop, and evolve into leaders by discovering how to create a spiritual vision for their life, positioning their unique skills and expertise to optimize their productivity, navigating “failure” to boost innovation, and nourishing their  body to become a top performer
  • INTELLECTUAL – nurturing your employee’s desire to learn and explore their interests by diving into how they learn, defining the steps to nurture their brain’s health, creating top time management strategies to reduce overwhelm, and unlocking the secret to understanding time so they can always have more of it regardless of the projects and tight timelines, the work is always done
  • NUTRITION – showing employees how to eat to fuel their bodies and mind to eliminate burnout (yes! burnout) by understanding the science behind illness and weight gain, selecting the perfect diet, leveraging their bio-individuality to shed the extra pounds, taking a closer look at the food labels to select the right nutrient, creating good nutrition habits, and cleansing their bodies
  • SOCIAL – building deep and lasting connections to those around them by uncovering the relationship between their social lives, their health, their career; practicing the 3 keys to social success, strengthening their relationships with clients and suppliers, and mastering the proven principles to attract the right people, clients, and prospect  
  • FINANCIAL – elevating their ability to meet their personal needs while achieving their financial goals by mastering the energetics of money, creating a money spending plan, learning how to train their brains to make money, knowing what to include in their money support systems, and how to perform their annual financial wellness check up
  • TRAVEL – equipping employees with optimized ways to travel that protect their health, safety, and well being by exploring the best health and wellness travel routines to follow before, during and after their trip, mastering the art of smart packing, understanding the contamination zones every step of the way to easily avoid them, exploring nutrition options to eat and to avoid while they travel to avoid bloating, dehydration, stomach problems that frequently cause stress and anxiety, and getting them ready to travel healthy and well in the post vaccine world 
  • SPIRITUAL – helping employees tap into their deeper sense of purpose to find fulfillment in their work and lives by gaining clarity on the meaning of spirituality, diving deep into learning the chakras, uncovering the secret of the global Blue Zones, navigating the connection between spirituality and their career, creating a nutritional plan to feed their body, mind, and soul and many more


What We Offer – Workshop of your choosing

   Lunch and Learn

Want a 1-hour introduction or quick refresher of one of the 10 Dimensions of Wellness?

This Lunch & Learn option is perfect as either virtual or in-person training. Employees will leave with a better understanding of the dimension chosen and with actionable strategies to enhance their health in that area.

Wellness Workshops

For a deeper dive into a Wellness Dimension, our workshop may be best.

Employees will be taught the principles of one area of wellness of your choosing and will be given interactive exercises to identify specific ways they can elevate their health within that dimension. 

      What We Offer – Self-Paced Online Wellness Course

      If you’re looking to give your employees all-around support to master one of the 10 Dimensions of Wellness, then the online course is a suitable option.
      Designed to be done whenever is convenient for attendees, this course contains both content, activities, and downloadable resources.

      Access to one Wellness Dimension or all 10 can be purchased to suit your organizational needs.

      What We Offer – Organizational Wellness Coaching

      This is the most comprehensive service we offer which enables you to elevate all 10 areas of wellness for your employees.

      This package includes both full access to the online course (all 10 modules) as well as direct coaching from a Corporate Wellness Expert, including: 

      • Employee wellness evaluation prior to the program implementation
      • LIVE monthly group Q&A sessions for all employees
      • LIVE monthly group Q&A sessions for all senior leaders
      • 1:1 private coaching for selected employees
      • 12-month evaluation and assessment of employee health and wellness to ensure measurable improvements were made

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