New Spa Salon Playbook

Are you ready to set your mind on Travel while increasing sales by 300%*?


Schedule training for you and your teams to learn how to triple retail sales, build client loyalty for life, and eliminate the stress of unsold inventory. This powerful training will put you in lock step with the most successful beauty salon and wellness experts in the world!

Give your teams a breakthrough experience where they will learn:

  • How to tap into the TRAVEL INDUSTRY to sell more products and services
  • Why your current retail product strategy IS NOT producing the results you want
  • Specific changes you must make to STAND OUT and DOMINATE salon retail sales
  • How to sell retail products without “selling” BUT having your clients ask for more
  • Getting to know your clients so well you could order their favorite lunch
  • How to generate brand new leads with NO financial investment!

As a bonus, every attendee will get a New Beauty Store Playbook with:

  • Questions to ask their clients about their upcoming travel
  • How to differentiate between business and leisure travelers
  • How to identify changes in time zones, climates, seasons of the year and their impact on travelers
  • Traveler characteristics: advance purchase, age, destinations, beauty needs, and more

This 12 – month program is tailored to your specific needs. It will provide the following:

  • Strategy call to understand your business objectives and challenges
  • Tailored strategies, tactics and KPIs
  • Tailored training session for you and your team
  • Quarterly Q&A webinar for you and your team
  • Monthly call to review progress

Contact us today to discuss the best options that meet your business needs!

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“As a salon owner, I’m constantly seeking ways to better support by clients’ beauty needs while also discovering new revenue opportunities in a highly competitive market. Edyta’s groundbreaking approach to connecting the beauty and travel industries has transformed how I do business. Instead of just focusing on their day-to-day needs, I now know what to ask and when to ask my clients about their upcoming travel. Her knowledge has also helped me to confidently approach the travel agency community, further expanding my client base.”

Shinee Bumuutseren

Owner // Shinee Salon

Satchelle Global Travel Wellness creates and manages custom Travel Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to travel with ease, beauty, peace of mind, energy, productivity, and success!