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Hi! I'm Edyta! Getting more clients is easier than you think. Watch this Welcome video to learn how!

Video 1: Understanding Travel Wellness To Sell More And Faster ($1,500 value)

There is a NEW DEFINITION of Travel Wellness and it’s no longer just a trip to a yoga retreat. It’s all about health and wellness BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER travel. Travelers NEED YOU! They are looking for your expertise to support them at every step of their dream vacations. They want to look and feel amazing before, during and after travel. You may think it’s difficult to help them, but it is NOT. This Video Tutorial will guide you through every step of the new definition.

You will understand the WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHO, and more. It will put your ahead of the competition, create new up-selling opportunities and arm you with new selling tactics.  It’s all easier than you think. With just this one video you will SAVE HOURS of research and uncover new ways to rapidly GROWING YOUR BUSINESS again! 

Video 2: Re-discovering Your Client Database To Identify Your Traveling Clients ($550 value)

You have been providing services to many travelers in the past without even knowing. How can you easily identify who traveled in the past, who didn’t and who is planning their long-overview vacation.

In this Video I will walk you through 10 STEPS to re-discovering your client database. You will also define goals for this project, clean up your database, identify new data points that are key to finding your traveling clients, issue a client survey, analyze results, create client retention strategies and many more

This is an easy guide for you, which will take you on your database re-discovery adventure to grow your business even more and much faster! 

Video 3: Updating Your Intake Form To Understand Your Clients Travel Patterns ($550 value)

I’m sure you are thinking that you have already a million questions included in your intake form. Well, adding a few more will help you to achieve your goal faster! So, what do you say? The good insight is the name of the game! The more you know about your clients, the better you can support them and the more you can sell and up-sell to them.

In this Video I will walk your through 5 steps you must take to update your Intake Form! You will define your goals, review your current Intake Form, add new data sets, review your clients’ answers and start creating customized beauty packages for them! WOW! it is a lot!

Once you understand your clients travel patterns you will skyrocket your sales, not to mention more bookings, more re-bookings and more retails sales! Who doesn’t want that?

Selling more has never been easier and I will show you how. 

Video 4: Creating Your First Bundled Packages Geared Towards Travelers (service + product) ($550 value)

Isn’t it exciting to create something new that will knock your clients’ socks off and inspire them to spend more money in your salon? Remember your clients need you BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER travel.

In this Video you will learn how to create an irresistible bundled package and what the bundles package elements should be for traveling clients. We will also do the math so that you can see how easy it is to increase sales by 300%! We will look at the examples of what products should be offered for the before, for the during, and for the after travel. All of them are real examples! 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be creative. This video will get your creative juices going!   


Client Survey Template ($250 value)

Why would you re-invent the wheel if this is all created for you? I promised that I would make your life easier, and here we are. It's my first gift to you (one of many!) where you can just copy and paste this survey into your branding template and you are good to go!

Once you know what your clients need, you will create all of the amazing packages, all of the amazing messaging, and all of the amazing sales strategies that you need to grow, grow, grow. I'm here to support you! 

I always opt-in for something new and out of the box, and I hope you too! Did you say "yes" to the adventure? YAY, this is where the adventure continues so that you can amaze your family, clients and your bank account!


Intake Form Template ($250 value)

Did I say that I don't want you to reinvent the wheel? Well, I hope you are not spending your time trying to do it yourself. Here is my second gift yo you, the Intake Form.

It includes all the questions you need to ask in your Intake Form so that you have a good understanding of who your clients are, and more about their travel patterns. This information is pure GOLD, and without it you can't create packages and up-sales. And now you are just one click away! This information will make everything else you do that much more effective!


Guide To Creating Bundle Packages ($250 value)

This is another gift that I want to offer you for no additional costs. This guide will show you what and how to bundle. It will provide you with retail product examples which you should be offering to all your traveling clients.

Remember, people hardly ever travel alone, so there always should be something for their kids, parents, siblings, friends and more! Just think about all the opportunities to bundle and up-sell. Do you see them, because I do and I want you to see them too!

“My revenue from retail sales used to be less than 5%. As a salon owner, I’m constantly seeking ways to better support my clients and faster grow my business. Edyta’s groundbreaking approach has transformed how I do business. It used to be painful for me to sell products, but now my clients just simply buy them from me. I no longer focus on my clients’ day-to-day needs. I focus on what is needed now and for their upcoming travel. I advise them and am perceived as an authority, which greatly helps me with my client retention. Thanks to that program my retail and service sales grow double digits consistently every month!”

Shinee Bumuutseren

Owner, Shinee Spa Salon, Arlington, VA

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