The Integrative Wellness approach is key to boosting your employees productivity, eliminating burnout and developing the unshakable mindset – Edyta

“A Leading Expert On Wellness” FOX News

Dynamic leaders know that their teams are their biggest assets. Yet few recognize what their people actually need out of work. Edyta believes corporations that invest in the wellbeing of their workforces will ultimately win in the marketplace. She is a sought-after keynote speaker who has graced stages around the world. Her accessible style is suited to US domestic and international conferences and corporate events as well as workshops. Her insightful talks leave audiences with food for thought and actionable takeaways.

I traveled 50% of the time for my last corporate job. If my company offered the amazing services that Satchelle Global Wellness provides, I have no doubt that I would have looked and felt my best when meeting with customers, partners, and vendors. This would surely have led to even better results from the large amounts of money the company spent to have me travel in the first place!”

Rachael K Cross, Chief Marketing Guru, Rachael K Group

“Working with Edyta has changed my life. She is very hands-on, always understanding the core of the issues, focuses on active rather than passive approach, provides immediate feedback, understands her client’s needs and wants, and is just a wonderful person. I am so happy to have met and hired her! All aspects of my life have changed – I’m much more confident, my career is on the right track, I’m actively engaged in my life – I’m a badass!” 

Marty Silber, CEO Ecoitnow

Edyta presents on topics including:

3 Strategies To Keep Your Employees Productive In The New Normal

Bring out the best in your people by nurturing their talents and ambitions. Strategic planning will ensure your company always has the right people in the right seats at the right time. 

People are more stressed out than ever. They’re scared and exhausted about everything from hybrid work to work overload, and balancing the personal with the professional. This is costing employers big time in lost productivity! But no matter what is happening in the world, companies can provide support for their employees to improve their resilience and performance through it all. Edyta outlines an inclusive guide for organizations to navigate this, with clear next action steps to take.


How to Build an Unshakable Career Mindset

Recruit and retain top talent, lift productivity, and ultimately save money through investing in emotional wellbeing – which very few US companies are doing right now.


Mindset accounts for 80% of success in the workplace (and in life). Change for the better always begins within. Edyta teaches on the pillars of emotional wellness and how to create a winning daily routine to develop an unshakable career mindset. Anyone who implements these techniques will see results fast!

A Smart Business Travel Strategy for the Future

With the right tools and resources you can embrace travel with confidence again, keeping your people informed and energized before, during, and after every trip.

Are you confused by the new rules, the new procedures, the new everything in the post COVID world? This insightful and inherently practical presentation dives into the psychology behind travel anxiety, key strategies to put your employees at ease (without blowing the budget), and how to leverage wellness as part of your employer brand to land and keep top talent.

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