Are You Ready To Travel And Conduct Business In The NEW NORMAL?

Our Travel Wellness Programs are designed to help you prepare for a healthy journey, enjoy a productive trip, and arrive home refreshed, whether you or your employees are taking an international flight or just getting away for a few days.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive Travel Wellness Program for yourself, your employees, or for your business or leisure travel clients, we have a solution.

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Our Travel Wellness Programs are designed for frequent travelers seeking a new way to travel well, and business owners seeking to recharge their revenues with new resources in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Travel Groups

If you’re planning a friends getaway, a corporate group, church, or school trip, we can design the perfect Travel Wellness plan for you.

Corporations & Travel Managers

Establish a corporate culture around safe and savvy travel with our packages designed for healthy, productive employees.

Spa and Salon Owners

Your spa or salon can tap into the travel industry and create new revenue streams, increase existing profits, and provide amazing experiences for your traveling clients.

Travel Agents & Advisors

Drive new revenues and increase your value without making a single booking by adding Travel Wellness Programs to your offerings.

Edyta Satchell


Satchelle Global Travel Wellness was founded by corporate travel executive Edyta Satchell, and is focused on helping frequent travelers improve their health, nutrition and well being during travel, while helping business owners grow their brand, positioning, and revenues amid a complex new travel marketplace. Put her experience as a business executive, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and frequent traveler with over 20 years of experience in the industry to work for your goals!

I’ve spent my entire career building and growing businesses in the Travel Industry. And traveling. A lot.

What I’ve found is

in the NEW NORMAL people are terrified to travel, are overwhelmed and confused by information overload. Travel agents are losing sales and struggling to differentiate themselves and add value. Corporations haven’t prioritized Travel Wellness and are left  feeling stuck and frustrated trying to create a new strategy on their own.

The mistake

travelers make is in thinking that they cannot travel without risking their health,  and will never travel again. Travel agents continue to think that they can no longer make money on bookings and there is no way to rebound. Corporations focus on keeping their travelers at home even though they are jeopardizing growth and revenues.

In reality

safe travel is possible, they can continue to generate revenue, and grow their value to travelers. By partnering with Satchelle, they can travel condifently again, continue to grow revenues, and manage their teams’ and clients’ travel experiences in a more wellness-focused way through innovative programs and resources in the NEW NORMAL.

An Invincible Mindset…

Our Programs can deliver real results with just a few non-traditional activities that can change your entire approach. Empowering yourself, your clients, customers, and teams with real information, unique resources, and the guidance they need can change everything. It all begins with just ONE call. 

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Satchelle Global Travel Wellness creates and manages custom Travel Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to travel with ease, beauty, peace of mind, energy, productivity, and success!

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