It’s more than just counting steps and a pizza lunch.

Master Integrative Wellness to boost productivity, prevent burnout, and attract top talent.

10 dimensions of wellness

Our Integrative Wellness Programs

Select the dimension of wellness that is right for your corporation.
Fortune 1000 companies turn to us to deliver 5-star Integrative Wellness programs that get results.


Enhancing self-perception & work challenges.


Optimising health to ensure you perform at your best.


The right way to fuel your body and mind to eliminate burnout.


Advancing techniques to grow, develop, and evolve into leaders.


Nurturing your desire to learn and explore your interests.


Building deep and lasting connections.


Optimized ways to travel that protect your health, safety, and well-being.


Tap into your deeper sense of purpose to find fulfilment in your work and lives.


Elevate your ability to meet personal needs while achieving your financial goals.

Beauty & Vitality

Learn the secret to young-looking skin and body.


What We Can Do For You

It’s Time to Rethink How You Develop and Nurture Your Best Assets: Your Employees

Our Integrative Wellness programs are designed to educate, empower, and inspire your entire workforce in all 10 dimensions of wellness.


Our self-paced online wellness course comes with various activities and downloadable resources.


Want a 1-hour Lunch & Learn or hands-on workshops? We have content that suits all your organizational needs.


Our most comprehensive service which enables you to elevate all 10 areas of wellness for your employees.


Optimise Your Corporation With Integrative Corporate Wellness

Enhanced Health

When your employees have all of their wellness needs met, then they can show up powerfully for themselves and their teams.

We give you the training, the tools, and the expert accountability to uplevel your entire corporate wellness program.

Tangible ROI

Wellness isn’t about taking time off, it’s about how you approach all 10 areas of your health.

When corporations can teach employees how to manage these key areas, then they’re more productive, feel more fulfilled, and accelerate the business’ results.

Engaged Workforce

Employees often select a company based on their benefits and incentive packages.

By investing in corporate wellness, you’re sending a clear signal that you value your employees and want them in optimal health.


Our Recent Clients


Our Speaking Engagements

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“Edyta was a pleasure to work with and her innovative thinking and energy to her work is exciting to see! If you haven’t heard her travel tips and insights, then your missing out!”

Kimberly Bitante
HR Director of Comscore

“I saw Edyta Satchell, Corporate Wellness Expert, speak at #GBTA and she brings great experience and insight into the travel experience.”

Ted Finn
Global Citizen | 4x Founder | 30+year Entrepreneur

“I travelled 50% of the time for my last corporate job. If my company offered the amazing services that Satchelle Global Wellness provides, I have no doubt that I would have looked and felt my best when meeting with customers, partners, and vendors.”

Rachael K Cross
Chief Marketing Guru, Rachael K Group

“Working with Edyta has changed my life. She is very hands-on, always understanding the core of the issues, focuses on active rather than passive approach, provides immediate feedback, understands her client’s needs and wants, and is just a wonderful person. I am so happy to have met and hired her! All aspects of my life have changed – I’m much more confident, my career is on the right track, I’m actively engaged in my life – I’m a badass!”

Marty Silber
CEO Ecoitnow


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Your wellness is our highest priority

Featured in the most prominent media outlets worldwide

Satchelle Global has been featured in the top media outlets in the world.

We take your wellness seriously.

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Meet Edyta – Founder & CEO of Satchelle Global

Edyta Satchell, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a renowned corporate executive, speaker, and wellness practitioner. She is also known as America’s Travel Wellness Expert, that’s what they call her on TV.

She is the owner of Satchelle Global Wellness which helps thousands of corporations to increase their employees’ productivity by creating highly customized, modern, comprehensive programs for companies that help them gain back their employee’s health, confidence, productivity, and success in 10 Dimensions of Wellness: emotional, career, physical, intellectual, vitality, travel, nutrition, spirituality, social, financial.

She is an accomplished woman with more than 20 years of global leadership experience working with dozens of A-listers including CEOs of key Fortune 1000 companies. She is also an author, and her latest books: Beauty and the Travel Beast and FastTrack to your career.

She has been featured in most prominent media outlets such as Fox News, ONE 1 Dubai, CBS, CNBC, The LIST, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, New York Style Guide, Fodor’s Travel, Travel Weekly, Travel Research Online, Travel Market Report, and many more.