Helping corporations attract & retain top talent through a fresh focus on wellbeing 

All this stress and anxiety could be stealing up to 5 productive hours a day per person.

At $50 per hour, that’s up to $6,500,000 per year for a company with 100 employees!


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360 Degree Employee Wellbeing Evaluation Tool

Are you looking for new tools to evaluate your employees’ wellbeing? Download this FREE 10 Dimensions of Wellness Tool to evaluate what your employees really need so that you can create a wellness program that works and generates results.

    Our Programs 

    It’s time to implement a holistic employee value proposition.

    Emotional Resilience

    Get to the fundamental root of performance issues. Support your people’s emotional wellness and watch productivity soar, all while branding yourself as a sought-after employer 

    Career Development

    Nurture your talent pipeline at all levels to improve retention and morale. Reclaim HR’s status as a trusted partner again

    Corporate Travel Wellbeing

    A new way to manage business travel, with a focus on the wellbeing of your most valuable assets. Get peace of mind for your company and help your road warriors hit the circuit again while staying productive and healthy


    Satchelle Global was founded by corporate travel executive Edyta Satchell. Leverage her experience as a business executive, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and frequent traveler with over 20 years of experience in the industry as your organization adapts to the new normal.

    I’ve spent my entire career traveling, building & growing businesses

    What I’ve found is

    People are in reflection mode, questioning their career choices. They’re overwhelmed by their current job responsibilities and underwhelmed by the future possibilities. They’re also scared of traveling, worried about getting sick. They may not want to return to how things were.

    The mistake

    Corporations make is that they do not  prioritize their people and  they’re getting stuck trying to create a new wellness strategy on their own. They’re also keeping their road warriors home, jeopardizing growth and revenue.

    In reality

    By partnering with Satchelle Global, companies can empower their people to continue growing in their careers and travel confidently again – growing revenue and designing employee experiences through innovative programs and resources in the NEW NORMAL.

    An Invincible Mindset…

    It all begins with just ONE call

    A new wave of corporations are leading the way. Join them in branding your organization as a new type of business – one that treats employee wellbeing as its top priority.

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    I traveled 50% of the time for my last corporate job. If my company offered the amazing services that Satchelle Global Wellness provides, I have no doubt that I would have looked and felt my best when meeting with customers, partners, and vendors. This would surely have led to even better results from the large amounts of money the company spent to have me travel in the first place!”

    Rachael K Cross, Chief Marketing Guru, Rachael K Group

    “Working with Edyta has changed my life. She is very hands-on, always understanding the core of the issues, focuses on active rather than passive approach, provides immediate feedback, understands her client’s needs and wants, and is just a wonderful person. I am so happy to have met and hired her! All aspects of my life have changed – I’m much more confident, my career is on the right track, I’m actively engaged in my life – I’m a badass!” 

    Marty Silber, CEO Ecoitnow

    Satchelle Global Wellness creates and manages custom Corporate Wellness Programs for anyone seeking to keep their employee energized, productive, and successful all year long!