The Integrative Wellness approach is key to boosting your employees productivity, eliminating burnout and developing the unshakable mindset – Edyta Satchell Keynote Speaker

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We speak on a range of topics

We work with corporations of all sizes, speaking on a range of different topics relating to Employee Wellness and Traveller Wellbeing.

Topic 1

Motivation and Empowerment

Edyta’s inspirational speeches that empower a successful life are always focused on a clear intention of motivating and empowering audience to change. Edyta shares personal stories and anecdotes, provides examples and tools to help the audience make the first step towards an intended positive change. 

Here are some speaking topics:

– From “America’s Most Wanted” To America’s Travel Wellness Expert (Presented at Southwest Airlines Annual International Women’s Day Convention, Dallas, TX, USA)

– New trends in international markets for grad school students  (Presented at AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland)

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Topic 2

Business Traveler Wellbeing

Traveling employees need extra support to keep them fully productive, energized and successful during their business trips. Even the most experienced road warriors can’t perform at their best if they feel tired, jetlagged, bloated, dehydrated, nauseous. 

Here are some speaking topics supporting travelers’ wellbeing:

– How to create the business traveler culture for the future (Presented at GBTA Annual Convention in Orlando, USA)

– Partnering with your travel managers to improve health of your traveling team and save money (Presented at GBTA, Annual European Convention in Brussels, Belgium)

– 3 Strategies to boost travelers’ emotional wellbeing (Presented at GBTA, Annual Convention in San Diego, USA)

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    Topic 3

    Employee Wellness

    Employee wellness is essential for the growth of your employees as well as your corporation. We speak about a range of topics relating to employee wellness, allowing you to choose what fits correctly for your corporation.

    Some of the topics we speak about relating to employee wellness:

    – Unlocking the mind – emotional wellbeing in the workplace (Presented at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai)

    – How to fall in love with your career again (Presented at Maritime University, Gdynia, Poland)

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        Topic 4

        Educational Lectures for College Students 

        Edyta has been giving speeches and providing educational lectures for college students around the world in various faculties and educational degrees including PhD, MBA, Master and Bachelor Degrees.

        Some of the topics Edyta speaks about:

        – How to find your dream job in the international markets

        – How to find a fulfilling career in the circular economy industry

        – Converting theoretical knowledge into business practice

        – Career wellbeing in the workplace

        – How to develop an unshakable career mindset

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