“The difference between those that succeeded and those that fail is a state of mind” – David Bayer

Are you ready to change the way you appeal
to your traveling clientele?

Make your next event unforgettable by having Edyta on your stage, who will teach you all you need to know about travel to grow your business and how to look and feel beautiful before, during and after travel.

Any frequent traveler, beauty organization or spa owner seeking education and inspiration will benefit from her expertise. 

Speaking Topics

New Beauty Brands & Spa Salon Playbooks

How to increase sales by 300%* and build your client loyalty and advocacy for life.

Who: Customer focused, mission driven beauty professionals

 Go With A Glow /

Beauty On the Go

Everything you need to know to travel like a pro and look amazing along the way. 

Who: All successful travelers who want to look and feel their best Before, During and After travel

New Travel Advisor Playbook

Are you ready to set your mind on Beauty and Wellness?

Who: Revenue motivated travel advisors and travel bloggers

About Edyta

Edyta Satchell is a product management, marketing, sales and operations executive with more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry globally. As founder of Satchelle Global and Finelle, she is also an entrepreneur and visionary, recognizing the future trajectory of the experience economy and its impact at the intersection of travel and beauty. She has been responsible for millions of dollars in sales over the course of her career and has a true understanding of the modern consumer.

“As a salon owner, I’m constantly seeking ways to better support by clients’ beauty needs while also discovering new revenue opportunities in a highly competitive market. Edyta’s groundbreaking approach to connecting the beauty and travel industries has transformed how I do business. Instead of just focusing on their day-to-day needs, I now know what to ask and when to ask my clients about their upcoming travel. Her knowledge has also helped me to confidently approach the travel agency community and further expand my client base.”

–  Shinee Bumuutseren,

Owner // Shinee Salon

“I have been working as a first class cabin crew supervisor for one of the top international airlines for over 10 year. I have traveled the world and I knew it all, but when it comes to beauty, I had never got it right. My employer teaches us how to put a make up on and what lipstick color to wear, but they do not teach us about the beauty routine on the go. It was not until I met Edyta and attended her training session, when I learned how to take care of my skin at various destinations, time zones and climates. Most importantly, how to take care of my skin on the plane! I use her tips and tricks every day and finally get it right!”

–  Paulina Weryszko

First Class Cabin Crew Supervisor

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